> Philo Beddoe Family Reunion

Date: August 22-24

Location: Uncle Tom's Cabin - Wentworth Springs Road, Pollock Pines, CA 95725

Getting There

Link to Google Earth Map

Uncle Tom's Cabin is located about halfway between Georgetown and Loon Lake. 

Take 80 east to 49 South to Cool. There is gas here.

At Cool make a left onto Hwy 193 east/Georgetown Rd.

Drive about 12.5 miles until you reach Georgetown where you will make a left at the 4-way stop onto Main St./Wentworth Springs Rd.   There's a gas station at this 4 way stop.  Fill up if you need it. This is your last stop for gas.  

Continue on Wentworth Springs about 22 miles. The turnoff for Uncle Tom's is on the right side about 6 miles past Stumpy Meadows Lake.

  Cell service is sketchy to non-existant so you should print out direction and put the info on your phone GPS. Even without service, Google maps still works.


Good Times, Good Food, Good People

There's no bike show or screaming band so get that out of your head. It's about relaxing and enjoying good company, with great riding & food thrown in the mix. For many of us that live this stuff it has become a well deserved break. No "headliner" super-cool-faggy-guest-builder crap, just the wife & I and friends.

$35 for 2 nights and that includes camping, a Friday and Saturday night dinner, and Sunday breakfast. The grub is good, don't fret. No raffle this year. Friday nights ice cold beer and dinner have been graciously sponsored by my friend Shannon Aiku, who has taken a tremendous amount of weight off our shoulders this time around. Traditionally we have an incredible open bar supplied by anybody that want's to bring a bottle, feel free to bring your poison. We are renting the entire grounds so I don't expect any trouble from outside folks.

The main dinner is Saturday night but history has shown that Friday is the boozefest/assgrabbery night. It seems that's when we all cut loose, having a recovery day to fall back on. Both nights are different, both are awesome. Saturday will be a casual ride to town for breakfast followed by a much needed dip in the lake.  For those of you that didn't get enought riding to get here, there's plenty of roads to head out on if you like.  

Any potential sponsors just shoot me an email

pics from last year - Pics 1    Pics 2


A couple things to remember:

 -Close the lid to the coolers when you get a beer. 

 -I have to haul our trash out. Throw your shit away in the trash bags and if it's full please be a big boy and help out. Replace trash bags with the spare in the bottom of the trash cans. I'll do my best to keep up with it.

-Close the lid to the coolers when you get a beer....please.

- Please vomit away from our setup...Adam.

-No riding out drunk. There are too many animals crossing the road out here.


Nearby Motels in Georgetown, CA if you don't want to camp: 

Rock Creek Inn Georgetown, CA (530) 333-4359

American River Inn Georgetown, CA (530) 333-4499